June 28, 2019 scrollmaster

I have absolutely no idea what game these orcs belong to (do you? Let me know!). I bought them at Salute in 2018 as I thought they were funny and full of unique character. Semi-happy with the paint job but it will have to do. In the process of painting them, I realised all my orcs are from different manufactures so I made a group shot which you can find at the end, In my D&D game it means that all Orcs are uniqu and have unique personalities. So far our party has only met the orc with the whip…

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

i was doing a spin-off chapter to our Dungeons and Dragons campaign and I wanted to use some goblin pirates I have, but at lvl 3-4 goblins aren’t that scary to the party, so I decided to add a bit of oomph using an old Rackham Buccanner and a new Freebooter Mini I got called Captain Ulgat. Both come with biiiiig guns to bring the hurt! Interesting to see the difference between the old Rackham model painted in a non-metallic mental style, while the Freebooter mini I painted with in fast order with metal metal bits.  

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I got this cute / scary little goblin from my partner and really wanted to add it to our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. However, next to both the characters and other monster, he didn’t look that scary, so I was wondering how to make him a real threat. In the end I decided to have him chase a boy on the other side of a chasm the party was in the process of crossing via a narrow bridge. This worked like a charm. The scared boy really bought gravity to the situation and the players stepped up to the challenge to get…

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I really like the Goblins from Knightmare Games. From the Boss and the Elite and the Shaman to these lowly Goblin Archers, they all have amazing character and fits right into how I see Goblins as a people, not just monsters. I’ve made use of them in our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign along side these Goblin Archers from Reaper to create a real threat in numbers.

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

While looking for evil dwarves, I found this tank of an orc at Mom Miniaturas, the same place as I found these amazing Dwarf Stone Golems. I couldn’t resist buying him as he is perfect for a huge, brutal but intelligent Orc warlord. I will fit him in as a main character later in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I used same painting technique as I used on my Minotaur and although I think the Minotaur turned out better, I am still happy with this Orc.