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Dungeons & Dragons – Momma Fiara riding Armoured Bear (Freebooter Miniatures and Atlantis Miniatures)

I had actually planned for a Goblin King from Avatars of War to be the rider of this bear. However, it has taken an annoyingly long time for that mini to arrive (still hasn’t arrived), so in order to get ready for our first game in our new campaign Daisygate, I used a pretty cool voodoo goblin from Freebooters instead.

I called her “Mama Juju” and gave her an armoured bear as a mount. She went down like a storm with the players so I am sure she will be back with her evil ol’ spells.

The bear’s platform has a fridge magnet on it so Mama Juju doesn’t fall off.

Really enjoyed painting this one and love the combo of two miniatures from two different lines coming together.