Grakkha, Warrior of Stone

Kamahru’s Champion and Kamahru’s Incarnate

Kamahru's Champion and Kamahru's Incarnate

I started painting Grakkha as my first Confrontation miniature. However, his skin is very difficult with all the bumps and lumps so I put him on the backburner and decided to paint the simpler Kolghor instead.

That was almost a year ago and the unfinished Grakkha has been staring me down ever since!

So this week I decided to grab him by his ugly orc ears and finally put brush to metal and finish him.


Plate mail hell

As it turned out the learnings from painting Kolghor’s skin helped a lot. However, painting the small plates on his plate mail took forever and now I fear painting the full unit of Warriors of Stone I also have in my drawers. I may actually shift game and paint some Rogue Trader Orks to get some confidence to start on that unit.


Sword of doom and headache

The big, flat surface sword also cause me grief and it took me 5 attempts before I was happy with the result which takes it’s lead from the squares used on Goblins but I am happy with the results now.


It’s all in the details

Painting all the details on Confrontation miniatures always take a stupid amount of time, but it is always fun as well. Grakkha was no different with clubs, knives, hams and booze hanging from his back.

All in all I am really happy with the result and the photos don’t do him justice (too much light) but I’ll re-shoot him when I’ve painted his companion: Kamahru’s Reïncarnate.