Dungeons and Dragons Fey Giants Holiday Specials Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons – Ogre Santa Bear Eater (Scibor Miniatures)

When I was planning my D&D Christmas oneshot for 2018, I was roaming the internet to find Christmas themed miniatures and found this crazy Ogre Santa from Scibor Miniatures. It arrived two days before the game, but with Dragonmeet 2018 in between, I had little time to paint it, so I ended up speed painting […]

Dungeons and Dragons Holiday Specials Monsters Monstrosities

Dungeons & Dragons – Snow Goons (Reaper Miniatures)

I was looking for some magical henchmen for the crazed Santa in my Christmas 2018 D&D oneshot… and… I… found… these!! Could these Snow Goons from Reaper Miniatures be anymore perfect?

Dungeons and Dragons Holiday Specials Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Fast snow terrain

For my 2018 Christmas D&D oneshot, I needed some quick winterish terrain to go with my Ice and Snow Terrain set. Now this was all made really speedy, but I am happy with the result. Basically for rolled up snowballs I used polystyrene balls and glued a mixture of white paint, PVA and baking soda […]

Holiday Specials Kingdom Death: Monster

Kingdom Death: Monster – Old Survivor “I now have an Xmaxe. Ho ho ho.”

I actually do have some of the Christmas pinups from Kingdom Death, but as I prefer to paint what I can play with, I haven’t gotten around to paint them yet. But one of them did come with a pretty unique and flamboyant item: The Xmaxe, and I thought it was a shame not to […]