December 1, 2017 scrollmaster

I actually do have some of the Christmas pinups from Kingdom Death, but as I prefer to paint what I can play with, I haven’t gotten around to paint them yet. But one of them did come with a pretty unique and flamboyant item: The Xmaxe, and I thought it was a shame not to make use of it. Then I saw The Old Survivor and given it is 3 days to December at the time writing this, I decided to equip him with the Xmaxe. What a badass combo!        

November 28, 2017 scrollmaster

Playing through our first campaign, two survivors early on became partners and later intimate resulting in Patricialina, the young survivor. To reflect this in the game, we replaced two of the prologue survivors with the intimacy couple and now I got around to paint them too! In my mind, if two survivors reach the stage where they feel safe enough to become intimate, they would have reached a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the weird world they’ve found themselves in. To reflect this, I wanted to give them clothes that were a bit more bright and felt like…

November 24, 2017 scrollmaster

We are at Lantern Year 6 in our first campaign, so getting these painted is long overdue… in fact, we are already using other survivor minis such as The Young Survivor and the Intimacy Couple. I love these prologue minis! I will post individual pics of them below in the order I like them, but they are all four super cool and so full of character. The eyes are actually so small I cannot see them with my eyes (says something about my age), so I took photos with my mobile as I painted them to check what they looked like….

November 18, 2017 scrollmaster

Before getting the actual game, my plan was always to paint the White Lion and the 4 starting survivors before starting the game, but faith would have it we started the game pretty much straight away. In Lantern Year 3 of our first campaign, two of the starting survivors, Diana and Tyr, formed a Partnership, and in Lantern Year 4, they got intimate and had the healthy girl: Patricialina, who inherited her father’s love for big axes… in Lantern Year 6, she rebelled against her parents and became a bowman, but I digress. I really liked the old and the young survivor miniatures, so…