Dungeons and Dragons Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Undead ‘The Pope’ and ‘Mummy n°1’ (Greebo Games)

When I bought the Dryad Queen from Greebo Games, I also noticed how many amazing undead miniatures they make and I bought these two without really knowing where they would fit in my campaign. Fast forward to now where we are closing in on the first big conclusion of the campaign, it is clear our […]

Dungeons and Dragons Fey

Dungeons & Dragons – Dryad, Bianca (Greebo Games)

While randomly browsing to find miniatures suitable for the Feywild, I found this elegant “undead” named Bianca at Greebo Games who I think is perfect as a Dryad Queen in my Dungeons & dragons campaign as there seems to be a Feywild current evolving. I painted her rather quickly: Brown, inked with Earthshade, drybrushed and added […]