November 28, 2018 scrollmaster

I stumbled across this little amazing piece of scenery at Salute 2018 – I didn’t really know what to use it for at the time, but I am glad I bought it as it fits my upcoming D&D Christmas Oneshot… and it is now out of production. As with my Medieval Tavern, the stoneworks is using the awesome technique described in Black Magic Craft’s video on painting stoneworks

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

Only one player of my War of the Triplets campaign is an experienced D&D player and he decided to play a Tabaxi Cleric… this turned into a crazy challenge as I couldn’t find any Cat People like miniatures in proper armour. In the end I found this mini from Oathsworn Miniatures… it is somewhat bigger than the rest of the party, but at least he has the right gear and it is a pretty cool miniature! The complete party for “War of the Triplets”