October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

Anther mini from the box my fiancée got for me when we started playing D&D at the start of 2018. I grew up with Dragonlance so Draconians (whether they are called Dragonborn or Dragonkin or whatever) are a favourite race of mine for sure! In fact, writing this I think my top 5 races are: Hags Draconians Goblins Minics Beholders or Skeletons I like the mini and happy with the paintjob, but I do think my favourite Draconians are from Darksword Miniatures.

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

Only one player of my War of the Triplets campaign is an experienced D&D player and he decided to play a Tabaxi Cleric… this turned into a crazy challenge as I couldn’t find any Cat People like miniatures in proper armour. In the end I found this mini from Oathsworn Miniatures… it is somewhat bigger than the rest of the party, but at least he has the right gear and it is a pretty cool miniature! The complete party for “War of the Triplets”