October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

I believe I got this badass Barbarian from my fiancée in a box of mixed minis she got for me. I actually had a game planned for our Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but the path of the party has gone in a slightly different direction. Still hope to use him and some barbarian models I have from Hasslefree Miniatures in the future. Quite happy with the paint job eventhough he didn’t take that long to paint. It goes to show simple colourschemes are often very effective

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

The Dwarf player of my “War of the Triplets” campaign is new to Dungeons and Dragons, but I know his sense of humour so this pipe-smoking, beer guzzling cheeky dwart miniature from Hasslefree Miniatures was perfect. Besides, I’ve always wanted to paint Hasslefree minis, but since I only paint what I can play with, I’ve never had much of an excuse to buy some… now I do. Dwarf with “Mr Giggles” The complete party for “War of the Triplets”