June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

While looking for evil dwarves, I found this tank of an orc at Mom Miniaturas, the same place as I found these amazing Dwarf Stone Golems. I couldn’t resist buying him as he is perfect for a huge, brutal but intelligent Orc warlord. I will fit him in as a main character later in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I used same painting technique as I used on my Minotaur and although I think the Minotaur turned out better, I am still happy with this Orc.

December 29, 2017 scrollmaster

I started these Arcadia Quest Orcs way before Kingdom Death: Monster arrived, so the fact I haven’t finished them before now, I cannot blame on KDM. However, I didn’t find them particularly inspiring to paint. Not that I don’t like the minis, but their rough skin and armour makes them hards to paint and highlight essentially making them more trouble than they are worth… similar to the Frog Knights and Billmen from Super Dungeon Explore. On top of this, I tried priming them green with GW green primer and it led to an Orc skin colour I couldn’t really control…