Campaign: Twobridges Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Twobridges Chapter 2: Troll Bridge

As the heroes continued their journey to Twobridges, they came across a small group of merchants, who were held up due to a threat up ahead by the bridge. Their guess was it was a Siren due to the high shrieks from the area, but as the heroes went to investigate, all they found was […]

Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves

Dungeons & Dragons – Female Dwarf Warrior (Atlantis Miniatures)

I bought these Dwarven ladies at DragonMeet last year for a specific purpose for our then D&D campaign “War of the Triplets“. However, the heroes decided to go in a different direction so never got around to need them and hence never got around to paint them. Now that we have started up a second […]