December 29, 2017 scrollmaster

I started these Arcadia Quest Orcs way before Kingdom Death: Monster arrived, so the fact I haven’t finished them before now, I cannot blame on KDM. However, I didn’t find them particularly inspiring to paint. Not that I don’t like the minis, but their rough skin and armour makes them hards to paint and highlight essentially making them more trouble than they are worth… similar to the Frog Knights and Billmen from Super Dungeon Explore. On top of this, I tried priming them green with GW green primer and it led to an Orc skin colour I couldn’t really control…

December 26, 2017 scrollmaster

Kingdom Death: Monster arriving at my doorstep took away all may painting and gaming time, but I finally got around to finish the Beastmen Major Minions for Arcadia Quest. I deliberately painted them in quite different skin/fur colour than the Minotaur to avoid them looking part of the same family of monsters. I want both the Minotaur and the Beastmen to feel like unique races.

October 28, 2017 scrollmaster

The Minotaur from Arcadia Quest is a fairly simple model, hence I chose to keep to a simple colour scheme, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great fun to paint. Really enjoyed painting this mini especially trying to paint marbles for the first time. Also used the scratches technique I first tried on the Grobbit Executioner and  The Forgotten King for Super Dungeon Explore: Happy with the overall result.

October 20, 2017 scrollmaster

I had been painting the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King boxset and had almost finished when I saw a box of Arcadia Quest in my local game store, Dark Sphere. It resembled Super Dungeon Explore so I had a look, but didn’t buy it outright because after all I had just gotten the Super Dungeon Explore game. However, a quick surf on the interwebs I found that Arcadia Quest ranks 76 on with Super Dungeon Explore only ranking 1,352. And to make matters worse Tom Vessel, who’s reviews I really like, ranked Arcadia Quest in his Top 10 best games……