Dungeons and Dragons Oneshots

Dungeons & Dragons – OneShot: “Escape from the Slaughter Basement” at Bad Moon Cafe (7 & 21 Feb 2019)

Last year I made a oneshot for a couple of old friends. I was quite happy with it and when Bad Moon Cafe opened up nearby, I decided to run the same adventure again and I’ve now run it twice.

Here are some photos of the two sessions.

07 Feb 2019

This game was very hack and slashy. Mainly players fairly new to the game, which makes this a fun experience for them as my style is quite old school.

Favourite moment goes to on of the newbies playing Paladin who asked “Can I Smite and roll the awakening Flesh Golem over the edge of the cliff?”… And thus finishing the game!

Creative problem solving right there!


21 Feb 2019

This version was more thoughtful and the players pursued less combat heavy approach… were possible. This was likely due t oa mix of experienced and newbie players.

The winning move was also a combination of the team working together as a whole rather than one heroic strike.