February 2, 2019 scrollmaster

As our Dungeons & Dragons campaign is turning infernal, I’ve had a chance to paint some infernal miniatures for the first time in my hobby career. Semira Marise from Hasslefree is perfect as a sensual Tiefling lady and she is one of three first ever infernal miniatures for me, the other two  being the Winged Imogen miniature also from Hasslefree and the Damien, Hellborn Wizard from Reaper Miniatures. I think this minis casual pose and dress gives it a sensual flair, without being overly sexed-up. To highlight this, I gave her a very dark red skin and a light cream gown with the aim…

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

One of my friends is playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time and when I first spoke to her about it, her first reaction was she wanted to be a big scruffy barbarian guy! However, after having done some research on her own she changed her mind to a Dragonborn Sorcerer, which was an amazing u-turn… and I had actually bought this amazing Dragonkin Mage from Darksword Miniatures so perfect timing. The complete party for “War of the Triplets”

February 9, 2018 scrollmaster

This Necromancer was the chief baddie in Chapter 1 of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign: War of the Triplets. The first ever adventure I’ve created in decades, I could even say in this millinia, was based around a Unicorn my partner found at Leisure Games. And when I was looking to find a suitable adversary, I found this amazing Female Necromancer from Dark Sword Miniatures. And the rest of the first adventure took shape from there. Obviously a Necromancer is way too tough a boss for a level 1 party, so the way it ended up working was, she was busy transforming…

February 9, 2018 scrollmaster

This Wizard acted as a Mock-Necromancer featured in Chapter 1 of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign: War of the Triplets. I bought this guy randomly as I thought the way the miniature was sculpted was quite interesting. I’m glad I did as the mock-Necromancer I needed for the first chapter of my Dungeons & Dragons capaign, didn’t arrive in time!