October 13, 2019 scrollmaster

The D&D party we set out over 18 months have stayed very much the same. The characters have gathered a small band of supporting animals, but overall stayed the same. However, recent events have changed that. First our Drow Rogue was killed and now our Dragonborn Sorcerer is evolving after having picked up a lost artefact from her village, a talon from a Shadow dragon that has now merge with her hand replacing her two middle fingers. What this means long term, we have yet to find out, but to reflect the change in her bloodline from Blue to Shadowfell,…

July 24, 2019 scrollmaster

As mentioned in the red batch, I think the Kobolds from Otherworld Miniatures are so full of character and great minis too. Since then, I have field the Kobolds and while our heroes didn’t enjoy the encounter so much (the players did), I had a blast as I decided to mimic the behaviour of the “Rumpenisser” (“Rumphobs” in English) from the movie “Ronja Røverdatter”… it’s recently been remade as a Netflix TV series called “Ronya Robberdaughter”. Basically, the Rumphobs do not talk directly to other people and they say “Whatfor?!?” a lot. My Kobolds do something similar in that they…

June 28, 2019 scrollmaster

Truth is I have never fielded Kobolds! So when I saw these little dudes from Otherworld Miniatures I was super excited about painting them so I hope I get a chance to field them. One of the things I love about the Warhammer 40.000 Rouge Trade era Orks is the personality that shines through in the miniatures and these Kobolds really have the same traits, not to mention the details is phenomenal given the size of them. I found the eyes significant more easy to paint than most larger miniatures. Size comparison to an elf. Ganging up with their blue…

January 22, 2019 scrollmaster

I have to be honest, I am a really big fan of Darksword Miniatures, but this Dragonkin Warrior is my least favourite of their Dragonkin minis. But I wanted a full set of their Dragonkin minis which I in general think are awesome. I ordered it. And the day after they revealed a new much cooler Dragonkin warrior… nothing is ever easy! Quite like the green reptilian feel he has ended up with.  

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

Anther mini from the box my fiancée got for me when we started playing D&D at the start of 2018. I grew up with Dragonlance so Draconians (whether they are called Dragonborn or Dragonkin or whatever) are a favourite race of mine for sure! In fact, writing this I think my top 5 races are: Hags Draconians Goblins Minics Beholders or Skeletons I like the mini and happy with the paintjob, but I do think my favourite Draconians are from Darksword Miniatures.

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

I think this amazing Dragonkin is a good example of why I like Dragonkin from Darksword miniatures rather than for example from Reaper. I was originally thinking of painting his skin black or dark blue to really be a camouflaged Rougue, but then I thought it would be much cooler to make his skin brighter so I opted for a red dragon heritage. it also contrasts nicely with the dark cloak.

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

One of my friends is playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time and when I first spoke to her about it, her first reaction was she wanted to be a big scruffy barbarian guy! However, after having done some research on her own she changed her mind to a Dragonborn Sorcerer, which was an amazing u-turn… and I had actually bought this amazing Dragonkin Mage from Darksword Miniatures so perfect timing. The complete party for “War of the Triplets”