Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Gaming board set 5 – Lava Inferno

Following my River gaming board, I returned to a more traditional gaming board: My lava set.

However, while this board is similar in shape to my Woodland and my Ice and Snow gaming boards, this board is intended to provide a surface of lava the adventurers really do not want to touch. Hence all the scatter are little islands they can jump to and from to.

By the way, I’ve had questions about how I made the hexagon shapes. It is quite simple: I used this hexagon cookie cutter I found on Amazon.

The board


I painted the surface of the scatter with much heavier black to make it look less lava and a bit more solid.

Note that the scatter comes in two heights. This allows me to effectively “drown” the more shallow scatter in rising lava!

Single height scatter

Double height scatter

I made some doors where you can see the glow from the lava room to give players a heads up of what they are about to face.

Vice versa, I also made frozen doors for my Ice and Snow gaming set with the same function in mind.

The board in action

Not how the darker surfaces of the islands make them look more solid and less hot.